Cabinet approves President’s India visit

President Ram Baran Yadav

The Council of Ministers (CoM) has approved President Ram Baran Yadav’s three-day official visit to India- the first ever foreign visit of the first President of Nepal- scheduled to start from February 15.

A meeting of the CoM Wednesday approved the President’s India visit along with the members to be included in the visit. It has finalized a 27-member team to accompany the President to India.

The team will include tourism minister Sharat Singh Bhandari, secretary at the foreign ministry, secretary at the President’s office, the President’s advisors and representatives of state-owned media, Nepal Television, Rastriya Samachar Samiti and Department of Communications.

President Yadav will meet with Indian President Pratibha Patil and Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, among others during his India visit.

The President’s foreign visit had been delayed for some months as there was no functional Vice President to take over the former’s charge during his absence. Erstwhile Vice President Parmananda Jha was rendered defunct by a Supreme Court decision over the oath he took in Hindi.

However, less than two weeks before the President’s visit, the position of the Vice President is yet to be filled or made functional due to ongoing controversy.

The parliament has passed a resolution motion to reinstate Jha as President, but no further action has been taken.

During the meeting Wednesday, the cabinet also agreed on principle to observe Jestha 15 (by the Bikram Era), the day when monarchy was abolished and Nepal was declared a federal republic, as the National Day.

लभ स्टेसन सिद्धपोखरीमा इन्द्रजात्राको मेला

रविन राचलिका

इन्द्रजात्राको भोलिपल्ट आधुनिक पुस्ताले लभ स्टेसन भनेर नामाङकन गरेको भक्तपुरको सिद्धपोखरीमा मेला लाग्ने भएको छ । मेला आगामी शुत्रवार भदौ १९ हुने भएको छ । इन्द्रजात्राको दिन भक्तपुरको इन्द्रायणी देबीको खट यात्रा अवेर राति हुने गर्दछ । त्यसको भोलिपल्ट भने खटलाई सिद्धपोखरीमा राखिन्छ । यसै दिन यहाँ मेला लाग्ने गरेको हो ।मेलाका दिन बिहान पख भक्तजनहरुको सिद्धपोखरीमा स्नान गर्नको लागि जाने गरेका छन् । दिउसोतिर बाजागाजा सहित इन्द्रयाणीको खट ल्याइए पछि भने पुजा अर्चना हुने गर्दछ । इन्द्रायणीको जात्रा हुने भएकोले यस पोखरीलाई इन्द्रसरोबर पनि भन्ने गरिएको छ । more..

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