Flooding in Rome

      I wanted to tell you that after the storm this morning, in the Way of the White River there are 130 300 families in the dark without electricity and we do not know until when. Told Police, Police and Fire Brigade.No one spoke. Thanks RB

… I’m happy to be able to go home. I live between St. Paul and Garbatella. This morning, after various adventures I could take my two children to school. The light was blown and there were emergency lights. I could not move the car for more traffic into a tailspin. I left her standing there and I reached the garage to get my scooter … fearless. I notified the office that late, but I would not have imagined the odyssey. I forgot my phone in the car. The garage was flooded and the drains will not go into detail …. The motor took me out to push. Slowly coming to Columbus and see that the underpass is flooded, change … take the road completely blocked Christopher Columbus but between a curve and the other arrived in the square is closed and that Numa Pompilius going back. I have to get near the Via Veneto. Alternatively go to the wall … I go and just 50 meters after the road completely unusable … I’m still sobbing, but the scooter. I get on the sidewalk to avoid the river that flows beneath the wheels. I realize that there are abandoned cars in bulk … so I leave the scooter on the sidewalk and ask soaked rescue of a municipal police patrol passing there. Dear bring me up to the Pyramid. There I hope to take the subway but it does not work for any direction so I can not go to work and I can not go home. I walk a little while ago and I have recovered the car and I’m finally home. Claudia

10.30. Finally I can wring out your socks. And your feet leave the imprint on the floor. After three hours of panic, I can go home. I had to take a day off. Reason: it’s raining in Rome.
Hours 7.40. Are at Tivoli. The train to Rome Tiburtina comes with 6 minutes late. Out pours.
Strangely find myself a seat. Usually the cars are packed.
Hours 8.20. Arrival in Rome Tiburtina. Track 2 East Out pours again. Do I have to hurry because the dock, which was inaugurated Sunday, October 9 did not cover. The passage is very narrow. The bodies are crowded in a few seconds. I remain under water and an umbrella protects me very little. I can barely close it. They are under the new tunnel that will take me to the subway to the metro. We proceed to a crawl. The passage narrows and there are only stairs to go down. Arrived here at the bottom of the panic. The first water that is slowly infiltrating between the panels to cover the ceiling, now has become a wall. The ceiling is warped and buckets of rain falling down. I have to open the umbrella, but I feel that the shoes are transformed into a swimming pool. For the earth is a lake. I try to go on, but the passage is blocked. I’m stuck. And the water goes everywhere. The speakers are silent. I see a firefighter goes away and go, but I do not understand. There is no one to tell us what happens. On the left you can not go. A panel fell from the ceiling. They say. And the water comes to the knee. They say. And the subway is closed. They say. And how do you go to work?
9.00. I am here in forty minutes. I do not know where to go. And there is no field telephone. Meanwhile
floating in the water. The shoes are thrown away. Pass the guard. It tells us that the only solution is to turn right.Towards the east yard. The panic increases. People flocked to climb the makeshift catwalk just created by poor workers out of place. They try to drag away the water. Meanwhile, the level increases and the wooden beams stagger. They begin to float. I keep myself in balance. But it is more water entering that what I avoid. I’m soaked from head to foot. I climb the stairs. And I see a scene even more disturbing. Gallons of water falling from the holes of the lights. The bulbs are not there. It falls just a huge amount of water. There, where the new square was opened.There have been and where it all seemed nice. There, where the authorities have praised the good work. And we are here to assist the disaster. How much money is thrown. And how much security evaded. I lose track of time. I try to go around. To get to the bus yard to the west. But hail, and are not even half. I have to reach the Via Tiburtina.Turn right. Go over the bridge. And back down. Is it worth it? There are soup and give up. People who go back that says there are no coaches. They say. I reach a shelter to call at work. But here there is water everywhere. I take a day off. And I get angry. Now someone will have to repay this discomfort. Will have to explain where are the drains rainwater. Where are the fire brigade, civil protection and law enforcement. What are the security systems. Because the workers have to provide a walkway of luck. Because no one tells you where to go. Because there are no escape routes. And above all I want to know: who has designed such a disaster? We can pass on to successive delays, lack of cleanliness, lack of assistance when necessary. But we can not pass on to our security. In 2011, in a country among the richest in the world, a city known as caput mundi, we thus find: a station in one month will become important for the passage of high-speed, self-destructs after it rains. He crumples in on itself and we poor innocent under shouting and no one hears us. Now that’s all. Someone will have to pay. It is not enough to tell. I want to set the names of those panels, of those who designed them that way. Who has not bothered to devise a remedy for rainwater. Of those who paid and did not check. Who has made good on our shoulders. I want names. And I take back my right to the dignity of working people. My right to pay a subscription for a normal service. My right not to risk his life under the tunnel of a modern resort. My right to trust in institutions that now have lost it. Scaringi Elisa, Publisher and Commuter

This morning at 8.10 I arrived at around Eur meter indoor stadium and a few minutes after the announcement was made of the fact that the race was limited to Garbatella stop. We stayed there without knowing what to do for about twenty minutes (it was not going to take you to the Agriculture P 714 because it was raining too hard), when the last ad, was told that would be present in Garbatella shuttle replacement. Then we waited for the train to Garbatella, which is still very slow going forward, we finally got together with many other people, hoping to get on a shuttle. A Garbatella there were many people but there were no shuttles, then we waited half an hour without knowing what to do and there were no buses that go to Termini, while it was already 8:30 / 8:45. Tried to call in their jobs, but the phone worked at times, we also tried to call a taxi, but in vain. After more minutes of waiting (shuttles not seen the shadow) we decided to go to Marconi Avenue to try to take the 170. We have taken the subway in the opposite direction, again the service was slow, we got off at the Viale Marconi, but not passing bus, or working the ATAC information service, nor answered the 3570. Maybe about ten o’clock we were able to stop a free taxi and we headed to Termini, luckily the taxi could go through the lanes. The lady who was with me came to his office near the Via Nazionale, and I went for a short distance to the bus until Termini. When I arrived, it was about 11. I expected the 360 ​​along with a crowd of people crowded and a lot of traffic on the road. Finally arrived at approximately 11.50/55, I was able to climb and then got to work at about 12.20 hours Greetings LC 

Hello wanted to tell you that now is 5 hours from the storm can not contact the service ACEA electrical faults. A palace in the Via Tarquinio Collatinus 175, is no light between 12:30 and you can not know whether the ACEA is aware of the fault and when the fault will be repaired because the toll free number does not work. This is just a small piece of what it means to live in Rome paying for services with the rest of the country. George Homeland

My odyssey was certainly one of thousands of Romans. This does not console me, makes me even angrier. Perhaps because it does not seem to live in India and not think that we have the monsoons … Of course the water was great, but perhaps more than was coming out of manholes and sewers, a clear sign of a deterioration in the maintenance of creepy. Thanks Mayor of these privileges that we enjoy every day. Vore ask who pays us back our hours late at the office, the three hours and more used in total panic in the office not to miss … After three years of administration Alemanno, nothing has changed … but our patience, dear Mayor, so what … propio is the limit. Giansanti Daniela

I wanted to publicly thank the policeman, policeman pardon Rome, the capital, this morning at 8:30 he was on duty at the ‘intersection of Wolf Road and Via Cristoforo Colombo Ferrari, all’Infernetto. With the lights off and in the pouring rain, the water up to mid-calf and without rain guards, directing traffic with admirable energy and dedication. I will not dwell on trivial considerations or comparisons with our rulers, but the port such as the best part of this country and this city. Greetings Andreas Svensson 

This morning on my way to work I’m stuck at via Casorezzo (XIX Town Hall), are trapped in the water that I had entered the car, I was quick enough to flee in the car as it was ungovernable. With me other people have experienced these moments of fear. The road in question was also interested in recent weeks by a special maintenance (?) Ama.Here are but I wonder what they did? Swept the floor and passed the emergency? Alemanno Shame! Paul

About floods, I live in the Fourth District, and every time a rain comes larger than usual happen “mess” … now it is a custom and not an event exceptional …. The collectors are no longer adequate to convey storm water, will continue to build buildings and whole areas by adding more pieces to the existing sewer system obsolete. It ‘easy to say on these occasions that “we will ask the natural disaster”, as our First Citizen … Meanwhile, we emptied boxes and cellars flooded and no one will refund anything. For years (I was a child and now I have more than 50 years) that you do not see anyone cleaning the manholes, the manholes and the manholes in this area, I myself have repeatedly called the “ecological operators” and their leaders, to those responsible for this clean, but they are only required to sweep what’s on the surface. Inside the manhole covers with clear aperture are now saturated with plastics and other materials that obstruct the flow, when the works were carried out to restore the road surface in the area, I pointed to who was doing the work, that many trap doors were even closed with the asphalt, the answer is confronted with evidence to claim the technical departments of the City even when they only needed some ‘common sense or control by technicians of the City especially on such occasions, and especially to leaders in granting new building permits with no infrastructure. I’m curious to see what will happen to the forthcoming opening of the Metro when you navigate on the surface … Definitely clean and check the drainage system will not be the panacea for all ills, but it could facilitate the flow of rainwater that would otherwise form real streams to the lower parts of the city. Sorry for the outburst maximum

Dear Editor, like Rome to face a street fighting, violent demonstrations or anything else until he is able to monitor the city for a time? Flooded roads, tram lines still at Largo Praeneste, sidewalks impassable. When the authorities will rise from their comfortable chair and try to solve the inconvenience that this city must endure every day?Sincerely Gabriel Simoni

I appeal to the kind attention to signal vs. the regrettable incident of this morning for which we struggle in vain with the institutions for years. For the umpteenth time, we woke up with half a meter of water inside the front door and the garage. This water comes from the road surface causes the drains of the two attappamento present, and it happens every time it rains so heavy. In these situations, the traffic is completely blocked, buses and cars remain mired in the huge puddle (restricting access to the nearby station and the connection Fidenae Via Salaria). In the past, in the same situation of emergency, telephone the fire department is always busy, the police will say that it is their responsibility and the municipal department flooding is almost always unreachable at the time of the emergency, we provided ourselves (including a sprightly 85enne) to uncork the manholes with the risks that this entails. We also presented letters to City Hall IV complete with signatures, for which the police intervened municipal considered appropriate to the intervention of the sweepers. The result? This morning we were flooded and bogged down with the usual old man with a spade to uncork the manhole covers in the rain as before … Sincerely Stefano and Valeria Colagrossi Frezza

The violent storm also hit the kindergarten Maria De Mattias located in Via Pian Two Towers, 110. Some classrooms are in the dark because the water has caused a short circuit, the table is flooded and also in the dark. It seems that it will be difficult to prepare meals for the children saw that the dining hall is flooded. Maintenance by the Multiservice even so much so that the shadow of pine needles and leaves are completely blocked the drains and the driveway flooded. For some time the teachers are complaining that the lighting and alarm system not working, no response from the competent offices. What to do because this school and these children are part of the community in its own right? Citizens Committee Friends Tiber Magliana 

By car from 7.30 am to 11.30 am and consider myself lucky. The entrance of the Via Salaria towards the Gra not reported any trouble. The electronic sign on the freeway east, to 8.00 (with the ring road flooded out of all proportion, accidents in the Gallery John XXIII, Salaria flooded) reads: “slow down Via Salaria Champs Sports’ …The Via Salaria was, by contrast, flooded in several places. The cars could not proceed. Some find themselves without the fear of drowning, some in need of repair. The 115 obviously swamped with reports and requests for help, to my requests for assistance, he replies: “get in unless, in Rome there is a flood and we will not make it to do everything, collapsing roofs, the houses are flooded, and the means are Move all out. ” Yes, but if someone had intervened to inform motorists of the tragic situation or, better, to drain the water or traffic, we would all feel more relaxed. I’ve gone well only because it has stopped raining and I was able, not without fear and difficulty, to turn back at the Fidene. The work, of course, is skipped. Machella Livia 

It will also be a little ‘how to say the old way “Government rains thief!” but I believe that many Romans it was not possible, as indeed I do not think that if a portion of public money used for recruitment in the municipal of girlfriends, friends, relatives and various dancers were invested for the maintenance of the manhole city, the disaster could have had today’s more compact. Bersani Paul

Same story. Ok now it’s raining really hard. But a Japanese v’immaginate?! “Aito or sakatò UUUUUU” which translated “today it rains hard you work.” At the very least is half Japanese hara-kiri. Or a German? Naaaaahhhh I guess I did not. A Roman instead. He takes the train is 30 minutes and stopped outside the station, waiting to find a track which “dock”. Meanwhile he became friends with those who have parked the car on the highway overpass and begins to speak with light signals. It can also happen to be attending a wedding for the weekend. Next we come to terms, and two officers of the Railway Police, agitators crowds there was not even under attack, warn the user that the service of the meter is temporarily suspended. At least until the next ice age, which will restore the shuttle replacement with special Santa’s sleigh. And as well as to your destination will make you a small gift. The only city where it rains and UNDERGROUND where you can admire the waterfalls inside the metro station. Semo too strong.No metro, buses parked on the streets clogged. Then the Roman decides to take a train and go home. Fortunately there is a delay in 8 hours and 52 min, the average short. So thank you when the train departs. And also how to take a bath with the water that rains inside. Attends the scene of those who must lift and move because it’s raining in my head. And the str … that if they laugh because they’re on the side where it does not rain. But then when the train has stopped and the deceleration moves the water in the pools that are above the roof. And so the mini waterfall bathed first losers, moves over the str …. Water Games in fact. That’s cool! I love Rome and I love Italy. Famo laughs … but … what semo best. Ing Rossano Campolo 

I am writing on behalf of the owners and merchants who live and work on civic circ.Gianicolense height of 344 to get to the terminus of the eight. Us this storm because we were waiting anxiously after years we managed to do the work of the drainage system so now we have verified that it was useless! Machines that float, drains blocked by leaves falling from the plane trees that are preferred on the tram 8, flooded sidewalks, people falling down and gets hurt, broken boxes from harvesters that nobody replaces Ama and then after several reports garbage collection wherever we stopped on the manhole covers! This is the capital of Italy, which makes its citizens living in anguish …and if the next storm will occur at night? We will awake to keep drains clean! Now while all back to work … seems to have stopped raining. Until next time … Marco Paolini 

Arrived at the station Termini at 08.20-known right away that it’s raining inside the station! I go down to take the metro, it rains even in the basement, escalators do not work, some areas are flooded! They block both lines and we are back on top. I go to the square of the sixteenth century to take a bus, comes one after about twenty minutes, is attacked, filled up to capacity is unable to start. Proceeds very slowly towards Pza St. John, the traffic is crazy, no policeman on the street. It remains stuck in traffic. Arrival at its destination at 10.45. Some considerations: the rain, widely expected, came but did not seem so special according to what I saw, at least compared to what happens in London, Germany, Sweden and Denmark to name just a few countries. Possible that the capital of Italy is reduced in this way after a storm in my autumn quite normal and predictable? The rain in the central station and the underground metro how is it? the two lines are closed during rush hour with a journey mostly underground? crazy traffic every time it rains? And what if this happens again the next day some other storm? Not only impute the blame of all the city (which has many), but the entire political class, each in his own responsibility, to those who continued in the heap size without knowing then what we are facing. Metro Line B consists almost exclusively of old and dilapidated cars, regional trains are abandoned, there is no maintenance and no improvements, traffic on all roads lead to Rome is always chaotic, the price of gasoline in a year has increased dramatically. we want to go on like this?For how long? Regards Valerio

8.12 train from Rome Nomentana. Even if we arrive late (now justified by the event, were it not for one day and the other is so well ‘!) At Tiburtina, at track 23 (which happens by fire, in spite of all they should hasten to say that the situation is back to normal). Underpasses flooded! After a little ‘lost and all we get water in buckets to the test of crossing the tracks, with the absence of any charge, whether railroad, civil protection, fire etc.. I told everyone, but I should say almost, because there was an elderly couple directly to the hospital, which used a stick with him. They’ll still there ‘? The natural disaster is a natural disaster, but the outages are unworthy of a country that is deemed civilized Roberto Giorgi

I’ma 23 year old office clerk in the Tiburtina height GRA (big pole in front of the Mercedes for instance). Here V Giulio Vincenzo Bona, the situation is critical, the only road leading to my office (Via Pesenti) forms the entrance to a flood of about 35-40 cm in depth, I passed deftly pushing my bike by hand dipping nearly to the knees, unaware, however, that two curves later, the situation was even more critical: the road (paved worthy of the worst semi-highland) sold, and a large truck with attached rimochio is “collapsed” in more than half meters of water along with another car in a field of olive trees next to it. My bike was then given the coup de grace has to issue a incomnciato
white smoke and odorless, but concern has difinitivamente off, emperors, to leave the street (to come without chain).I called the brigade of the V group, they said, hung up in his face (he heard the sound of the cornet that went down) and then subsequent calls not answered yoo (ergo, if the bike was badly damaged, I would repair it at my own expenses or throw). I have to thank a stranger passing by the office where she works privately offered me “a tear” almost from under my office. Yesterday (as a rider informed me daily on the weather) no meteorological site wrote more than 4mm cumulative, but I think the city where I live, is not at all prepared to receive – although undeniably strong as unpredictable – rain showers, although it is not the first time torrential rain that occurs in these latitudes.Simone Caesar

Mayor Alemanno Lazio region asks the state of natural disaster, I as a Roman citizen, I ask him to leave, and for the simple reason that serious at the same time the inability and unwillingness of his and his administration came to this city Unfortunately it is now transformed into a problem of personal security for all citizens of Rome. Today, near where I live, died by drowning in his room an elderly person. Today there was a great time in Rome, do as a mayor of a city like Rome, to justify blaming the weather forecast did not indicate that torrential rains in Rome. But because if they had communicated what he would do the mayor Alemanno in 24 hours? Would he have rebuilt much of the sewer system of Rome? Always admitted that he knows more areas of Rome rishi from this point of view. It ‘a shame. Let him go Mayor. Zeus 

A special thanks to the brigade on duty between 07.30 am and 11 at the intersection of Pindar Street, Route and Via Acilia Malafede with Christopher Columbus, who ruled the traffic was even better than usual during a violent hailstorm. But perhaps it is time to equip the Christopher Columbus of roundabouts (certainly less expensive than it is flooded tunnels unlikely as all those that have been built in recent years) that would reduce the journey time to the city and also the danger of some intersections. Just along the median between Latin and Terracina to realize this.Anyway, thanks again (although now it might be better for all
stay at home!) Catherine DC

A system that makes water from all parts of Rome can stand out among the capitals of the third world with a road system and public transport which is “water on all sides.” The station “B” has done the service between the station and the Laurentina Garbatella. Next, the speaker warned, there would be shuttle replacement. Of the latter even a shadow. Apparently the water was too low to navigate the “shuttles”! What bitterness. Gagliani John Caputo

I am a student of 21 years and still alive on the Tiburtina station height. This part of Tiburtina, about 400m from the bridge and after about 150m, is a piece of road that forms a slight depression, and in addition, every time it rains, the right side (going to the Tivoli), being a species of the hill, download all of its water on the sewerage system of the latter. What is the problem, you say, indeed we live in a much publicized Capital, does not create any problem.Too bad that our capital is a “de facto”. In fact, the sewer system in this part of Tiburtina has never been appropriate for the load of water that should be able to evacuate. As I say I live here forever, most holy and every time in Rome there is a serious downpour, damn this road turns into a lake, in the true sense of the word. Today, October 20, 2011, as I write this “complaint” is experiencing a flood of major proportions: strong winds with intense and persistent precipitation. And the Tiburtina near my house, right in time, became a lake. But perhaps you who read, people in parts of Rome with a proper sewerage system, you can not understand the meaning attributed to a road from the lake. Well, I’ll explain myself: about 30cm of water, completely submerged sidewalks, parked cars with water up to the bonnet, doors and roadside shops with plenty of water inside, which can easily jump grid. And, really serious, make it impossible for the thousands of commuters who traverse this section at this time (as I write is 8:20) to transit, resulting in a later work, trafficking of biblical proportions in the surrounding streets blocked and buses: a portion of Rome completely paralyzed! Always, and I repeat always, when it rains hard this part of the Tiburtina is flooded in this way! Shame! Frederick Vicalvi

Dear Editor, like Rome to face a street fighting, violent demonstrations or anything else until he is able to monitor the city for a time? Flooded roads, tram lines still at Largo Praeneste, sidewalks impassable. When the authorities will rise from their comfortable chair and try to solve the inconvenience that this city must endure every day?Gabriel Simoni 

Flooded streets in Rome, disruption to traffic, we mean what we have these discomforts: the lack of street cleaning!For large piles of leaves and dirt varies left to rot for days and then goes into the slots to drains clogged. When, instead of increasing the rate TARSU, finally begin to clean up the town and make it worthy of being the capital of Italy? A reader 

Given the storm this morning is an exceptional event I would like to do a little reflection. Who has the honor and privilege to wear a uniform in any way as a rule, even in everyday language, he never speaks of work, but of service. The essence of this noble word is in serving the community, in every circumstance of time, space and place.This morning the two brigades in charge of overseeing the Via Tiburtina and Via Crossbones between Ottoboni (Binacchi height of, for instance) have seen fit to stay inside their cage does not care for pedestrians in the grip of water and snarled traffic (car against traffic, on sidewalks, etc. U-turn.), unlike their colleagues in the previous intersection (Galla Placidia) who performed their service regularly. Forgive the outburst, all we ask others to change … We try to change all. Genius


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