A terribly disappointing defeat

Paras Khadka – Nepal captain
(Published In Cricinfo blog)

It was horrible the way we played today. We may have bowled Tanzania out for 117 but out batting was horrendous. Nobody pulled their weight out there and I’m hugely disappointed in myself and the team.

The only positive I think we can take from this match is that it isn’t the last one of the tournament and we still have the opportunity to show the true skills that we know we have.

Rahul’s (Vishvakarma) bowling was good today but out fielding was not up to scratch, we let catches go, our run-outs didn’t hit the target and we were just not sharp enough.

When it came to batting the batsmen were not responsible and I believe as a side we were complacent, which is something we cannot afford to be in this tournament. This is not how I want my team to be in this event, we have to be positive and know our strengths, be focused and remember the basic skills of cricket and start from scratch. I want my team to remember how we got here to Division 4 and to continue out of this division we must simply play better cricket.

Tomorrow we face Argentina, who played well today against a strong Italy side and I hope we can pick ourselves up and bring home a victory for our country.

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