Unforgetable Love !!!!!!

I often keep on pondering;how i got to be like this worst,every body whoever were along with me some yrs before are now in good position.i had never wished to be so nor imagined that i would be one of failure guy.Writing these lines are not so easy to me,because till yesterday i used to think i’m the best and i can do good in my life.But never noiced how i was ruining myself with time passing.I had never had any inkling about today’s situation otherwise i could give some effort to make my days more better than this.

I always invested my time on the recovery of such relation that never work. I always imagined if my love is true she’ll be with me one day.So many days,nights,and months and years passed on it’s own way leaving me more behind.But i never notice the change in time and situation and when i wake up today i got to know i was left so much behind,but also hadn’t gave up my hope and still running to catch what i was meant to be.

Now i’m trying to leave a new life. Till now i had read so many articles how to forgeet any one and turnaway from them,visited so many websites and applied on me but all those thisgs didn’t work on me.

Made so many last desion to not remember her.But every time i fell to do so.And also after these so many years i’m alive with the same hope one day i’ll get her coz i wannted her with fully honest and loved her truely.Never liked her coz she is beautiful,never wished to play with her physical body. What i need is her hand in my hand and her sweet voice always calling me dear…..

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2 Responses to “Unforgetable Love !!!!!!”

  1. Ramesh Says:

    I read your artical. I liked it and pray to God to fulfill your wish. One day will come with full of joy and happiness and your life will be colourful. Thank you and keep trying. Wishing you all the best in your life.


    • nepalitaly Says:

      thanks hehe..i really just forgot now whom these thought i spoiled abt.. juss time being and way going.. m enough late to get know how behind i am..geting thought abt girls are in vant… it vanish… and you will not even know how and when… beleive me.


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